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Dr. Nathalie Edmond

Welcome to Antiracism Revolution

Join our community ~aspiring and devoted antiracists working towards collective liberation

About Us

Supporting each other as racial beings to learn more about the ways in which racism shows up in daily life individually and systemically, heal from racial trauma, disrupt white body supremacy culture and be more active in our circles of influence. The goal is to embody an intersectional and anti-oppressive lens within ourselves and the world around us. We incorporate different elements of yoga including meditation to help on the journey. Founded by Dr. Nathalie Edmond, a black/haitian american, female, queer, able bodied, neurotypical, middle/upper middle class, licensed clinical psychologist, antiracism consultant and 500 hour trained yoga teacher.  

Why You Should Join Us

Basic, Standard and Premium Memberships available to meet your energy, needs, and budget.

Content will focus on these areas:

  • interactive community to build networks and learn about resources
  • individual growth in embodying and living into antiracism
  • being an antiracist clinician/professional/leader
  • increased capacity for sitting with discomfort and conflict
  • building cultural competence and humility
  • finding and deepening your version of activism
  • seeing and disrupting white supremacy culture
  • healing from racial harm
  • taking an intersectional lens in antiracism work
  • encouraging rest and healing and being in our bodies
  • webinars (live or on demand)
  • interactive workshops or process groups
  • Q & A with Dr. Edmond
  • guest speakers
  • book club and podcast discussions
  • meditation and yoga practices
  • white affinity groups and BIPOC affinity groups 

Learn more about Antiracism Revolution

Here is a video with an overview of memberships and brief tour of network or skip the video and read the types of memberships below.


Types of Membership

Basic membership is those wanting an engaged antiracism community without process groups or webinars. Access to yoga class and meditation recordings and occasional videos. Monthly yoga class and weekly livestream recordings from Nathalie.

Standard membership includes basic membership plus monthly process workshops and/or webinars. Opportunity for conversations across races and affinity spaces as well. White or BIPOC/global majority affinity space. Accountability circle. Monthly invitations to practice antiracism in daily life. Pick the standard membership associated with your racial identity as that automatically puts you in an affinity space. A racial affinity space is where people who share a racial identity gather. Allows us to heal or build muscles so we do less harm in cross racial dialogues. Nice racism webinar and intro to abolitionism recording included.

Lower price for BIPOC identifying individuals as they continue to heal from generations of racial trauma and oppression. When I think of the BIPOC I think of those who have been socialized as a black, indigenous, brown, latinx, asian or others in the global majority who do not pass for white or haven't been socialized as white.  The BIPOC affinity space gives opportunity to engage away from the white gaze.

The white affinity space is for those who pass or present or identify as white (i.e. have advantage of people perceiving you as white). White people would be causing harm by choosing BIPOC affinity space.

If you identify as biracial or multiracial I invite you to think about what affinity space most resonates with the way you have been socialized and identify.

All inclusive premium membership involves all of the above including intersectional. Intersectional area includes additional monthly workshops which takes an intersectional and/or clinical approach to a range of antioppressive topics. It offers the most content and interaction to support transformation. Periodic CE credits. This includes access to chosen affinity space.

Can add on intersectional premium membership to standard membership once you join if you aren't ready for the all inclusive membership.  This includes additional monthly workshops which takes an intersectional and/or clinical approach to a range of antioppressive topics.

If you want to sign up a group you can contact Dr. Edmond to talk about options for paying for several people to have access to membership.

Preview of Programming

May to August (with associated membership)

  • South Asian themes (standard)
  • East Asians and Body Image/Eating Disorders (premium)
  • Exploring white racial identity (standard)
  • Exploring power and rank in interpersonal interactions (standard)
  • Intersection with queerness and antiblackness (premium) 
  • Mapping your nervous system/understanding stress response (fight, flight, freeze, submit/fawn, attach)/ increasing window of tolerance and ventral vagal energy (both; go deeper in premium)
  • Seeing and Disrupting white supremacy (standard)
  • Exploring "me and white supremacy" book and "nice racism" book (standard)
  • Balancing rest with doing (standard)
  • Increasing comfort with conflict and being disruptors (standard)
  • Contextualizing QTBIPOC (Queer/Trans) Experiences within the Psychology Field (premium)
  • Creating more inclusive environment (standard)
  • Antiracism in therapy room (3 hour CE workshop) premium membership plus separate CE fee on June 28 12 to 3:15 pm EST via zoom
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